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UpdatedThursday February 28, 2019 byFYFC Board.

FYFC Coaching links and information

Please be SURE to have AT LEAST TWO staff members trained and certified in Heads Up concussion awareness and assessment training - Heads Up Training Link

When complete, please submit an electronic copy of your certification to

We also have a link for you to access our Game Rules Summary.  League rules are subject to the interpretation of the FYFC Board only and are executed that way by our referees.  Questions?  Write or speak to a board member at Registration Weigh In day or during the season.  Not all board decisions or rulings are published and there is no "rule book" beyond what is noted.  Again, please speak to an FYFC Board member is you have questions.  Not all FYFC policies are always published.  FYFC artifacts and documents are updated from time to time based on need or request.  The FYFC Board may make rulings during the course of games or seasons that aren't published until later.  FYFC Board rulings and statements on policies, participation guidelines and rules interpretations are always FINAL.

If there are any requests for rules clarifications or specific publications you can request that from the FYFC Board.  Contact us via email with the link above.

FYFC Game Rules Summary (modifications of standard CHSSA rules) and FYFC Participation guideliness are attached (below) to this article.

FYFC Required Game Rules Summary.pdf
FYFC Participation Guidelines